Open Source tools for software developers by Jeff Zucker

note : DBI = Perl Database Programming Interface

AnyData tied-hash interface to many formats
DBD::AnyData a DBI driver for FixedLength, XML, etc.
DBD::DBM a DBI driver for DBM storage
DBD::CSV a DBI driver for delimited text files
DBD::File an abstract base class for writing DBI drivers
DBD::RAM a DBI driver for in-memory databases
DBI::PurePerl a Perl version of some of DBI's C routines
DBI::SQL::Nano a very tiny SQL parser and engine
SQL::Statement a small SQL parser and engine

DBM, File, PurePerl, and Nano are part of the DBI distribution. All other modules are available directly on CPAN.

I am co-author with Tim Bunce on PurePerl, with Jochen Wiedman on CSV, File, and Statement. I am sole author of the remainder and maintainer of all but PurePerl. Many other people contributed to development, see the Changes file of each module for acknowledgements.

DBD::RAM has been superceded by DBD::AnyData, use it instead. It does everything that RAM did, and more.