Jeff Zucker   

I am a software developer and anthropologist specializing in online education, databases, and issues of technology and society.

An international project at UNICEF that I co-founded and co-coordinated for eight years was singled out by name in a U.N. general assembly resolution as a prime example of the use of the internet for human rights education. I've built nursing, dental, and medical software at Columbia University and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital including the world's first internet-based Physicians Desk Reference and one of the earliest and largest online Nursing Protocol systems.

I've also built online curricula and educational materials for over a dozen international organizations and educational institutions; designed and worked in projects using computers to address the needs of low-income, hard to reach, and disadvantaged groups; built and maintained a half dozen widely used open source tools for software developers; published five books and numerous shorter pieces including works on software design, medical informatics, multi-cultural education, and resource materials for the not-for-profit and public sectors.

I am currently the Chief Technical Officer for Virtual Production Services, LLC and working as co-author of the second edition of O'Reilly's Programming the Perl DBI, the standard reference work on accessing databases through the Perl language.